No, I do not quilt your tops. I am not a quilter for hire.
I am fully retired from quilt making. I do not make custom order quilts, wall hangings, etc.
I require my products to be insured because I have put so much time and energy into them I am not about to send them off into no man's land without some hope that they will actually get where they are supposed to go. An if they don't, you can at least file a claim with USPS to get your money back. If you don't want to pay for the insurance then you aren't going to buy one of my quilts.
I'm fully retired from quilt making so No....
Twin Size Mattress top = 38 x 75 Full Size Mattress top -= 54 x 75 Queen Size Mattress top = 60 x 80 King Size Mattress top = 76 x 80 I give the measurements of my quilts in the description so you can compare them with the mattress sizes. My quilts are not traditional sizes like you'd go into the store and buy a twin or full but they fit the tops of most twin or full beds without covering the pillows or sides.
Yes. I will make pillowcases from your fabric. You must ship me the fabric, insured. For one set of pillowcases you must ship 2 yards of fabric for the main body. 1 yard of fabric for the edging fabric and .5 yard for the accent fabric. I then charge you $20.00 for making 1 set of pillowcases and that includes the shipping fee to mail them to you. Yes, I request extra fabric, that's part of my payment.
Returns: Of Course, but we're very confident that you'll be so happy with your purchase you won't want to return the item but........if you just HAVE to return the item you need to do the following: #1..Contact Judie via email (jwestselling@protonmail.com) within 10 days of shipping date for a Return Identification Number (RIN). If you do return the item without this number you will not get a refund. #2. Buyer pays PRIORITY SHIPPING & INSURANCE to return item. Items must be in their inner plastic protective bag in which they came. If it is mailed any other way, a refund will not be applied. #3..The item must be returned in a clean, unused and odor free condition. Upon receipt the quilt will be inspected and if the above is found to be true a refund for the cost of product (not shipping) will be issued to the account from which it came. #4..If the item, upon inspection, is found to be dirty, or used, or smells of cigarette/cigar smoke a 25% cleaning fee will also be deducted from the refund.
I used to include the price of shipping in the purchase price and call it "free shipping" but the shipping rates have gone up and they seem to change quite frequently so it is easier for me to have you pay for shipping out right.
I don't use a published pattern to make my quilts. I design my quilts using the EQ and Blockbase software programs. I use traditional quilt block patterns to design my quilts. I, of course, get inspiration for making quilts from many sources. Magazines, internet, and quilt shops are the most common. But most of the time I let the fabric "speak" to me. I select the fabric first. Scan it into my computer, then call up a number of quilt block patterns, sometimes it could be as many as 20 -25 or as little a one and start playing with color within the components of the pattern. When I'm happy with the design I'll print it. After the design is printed I'll use my workbook to figure out how much fabric I'll need to make the quilt. I use the print out to help me in the correct placement of fabrics. Occasionally I'll use a paper pieced design from another designer and if used the designer will be noted in my quilt description. I try to give credit where credit is due! If I've used a magazine or book pattern, it will also be so noted in the description.